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Talent Pool Potential

A manager who is considered to have the ability to move at least 1 leadership level higher than their current role within the next 2 years. This could be within their function or into another function or general management.

  • They have been with Smiths for at least a year in order for performance and engagement with Smiths to be fairly assessed.
  • Their performance appraisals demonstrate that they have performed well in their current role in both delivering results and leadership behaviour against the Smiths Leadership Model.
  • They are fluent in English or if lower in the organisation are developing their English.
  • They will have a clear desire to progress their career and have indicated a willingness to be open to job moves.
  • It is clear as to their desire for an international, regional or local relocation.
  • They have a development plan.

Development Strategies

Broad potential career paths need to be considered at this stage and development areas will need to be assessed against the Smiths Leadership Model and required functional experience. Development strategies might include:

  • Participation in a development centre.
  • Career moves out of their functional area or business to increase broader understanding of the business
  • High investment in development such as Emerging Leaders
  • An appropriate mentor
  • Project participation within functional areas requiring further development
  • Cross cultural training